late summer 2016

penn public classroom

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Read the official case study for this project here.

This project was all about flexibility.  The client needed the site to respond to the needs of not only students in the classroom, but also remote students.  The site needed to adapt as classes came and went, as resources were added and removed or changed from of media type to another, as speakers became moderators and as they were assigned from one class to another.

Like most WordPress developers, I make heavy use of Advanced Custom Fields Pro and with this project, I really go to know the Relationship and Flexible Content Fields.  The Relationship field made it easy to connect speakers and classes with each other using a clear and streamlined UI.  The Flexible Content field made it easy to give the client the option to upload video, PDF, image, or audio clip to a field and still give them custom styling for each.  I don’t know where I’d be without ACF Pro.

This project also made heavy use of flexbox.  As content changed, I needed to ensure that styling would adjust — especially the content in the mega menu and in the class detail boxes on the home page  — and flexbox made laying out, aligning, and distributing space possible.  I also had fun creating a sticky subnav on the class pages that also takes advantage of scroll spy.  A great way of helping the user keep track of where they are on long pages.


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