winter 2015

fairmount water works

digital activity guides

Read the official case study for this project here.

This was my first digital interactive!  I was so excited to create this digital activity guide for Fairmount Water Works.  The digital interactive replaced a paper version that FWW had used for many years.

The project involved 5 interconnected games, which were built with JavaScript.  Games included a crossword puzzle, two drag-and-drop games, a free-text input, and a tap-to-replace game.  Progress on the games was tracked on a home screen.  When the student completed all five games, a reward modal displayed.  A hidden reset button made it easy for FWW staff and teachers to reset the games at any time.

The games were loaded onto 15 iPod minis installed with Kiosk Pro, an app which disables certain features and apps so that students remain focused on the game.



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